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Display Google Ads With Anti AdBlock Script For Blogger Blog And WordPress

Display Google Ads With Anti AdBlock Script For Blogger Blog And WordPress by : 12:58 am On December 20, 2017


AdBlock Script For Blogger Blogspot Blog And WordPress

This anti adblock script[/url] will prevent the visitors of your Blog to block the Ads. When their Adblock is active while visiting your Blog the script will automatically detect the AdBlock and these message will show “Please disable your ad blocker! This site is supported by the advertisement Please disable your ad blocker to support us!!!” You can double your earnings using anti adblock script.


After many years of blogging, finally there is someone genius created a script called Block AdBlock. This script is much better than the script I provided here, so I update this post to provide a new beautiful and elegant Anti AdBlocker for your blogs. Please read and follow my tutorials below so that you will not face any problem while installing the script widget.


Revenue is decreased from popular search engines to every simple blogs with Ad blocker. Even Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines also loose their money from ads. But there are some rumors say Google is paying some bucks to Ad blocking developers instead to stop blocking their ads on their search result page. But it won’t affect Google because it is focused only on keywords and the adsense ads are display related to the keyword.

The keyword can be choosed by the publisher too with some addition options. These things grow viral and no one here to ask to stop blocking ads. But they are ready to pay money instead of finding a solution for making their ads visible evenafter Ad Blocker is enabled!


This is an great idea! This can works very comfortable for Adsense monetized blogs and websites. This new trick will allows the adsense ads to show up while the Ad blocker is enabled! The simple script helps to display ads even your own customized ad banners or affiliate ad banners even after installing Ad blocker software’s. This method is a great one which can surely change many bloggers life to mage huge revenue from their blogs. And the best part here is, you can able to use this trick on Bloggers blogs too.

So in the place advertisements you can appear changed substance to the general population who are blocking promotions. For instance, you can show YouTube recordings, Facebook Like Box, Twiiter Tweet box, Google Plus Followers, PayPal give catch and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As I specified some time recently, even you can run advancing articles from your own blog and custom messages to the perusers. Actualizing this trap on your blog is so basic and this trap impact more favorable position for blogger and web owners.


Alright I guess I’ve told much stories, let’s go straight to the point.

Things to be Noted:-

This trick works only for Google Adsense.
Only the First Adsense Ad will be replaced.
You can use this trick on WordPress and other platforms too.
And there is no Violation of Google Adsense policy using this trick.
Lets get back to the content. This post shares you about Display Ad/Content To Users Using Adblock In Blogger blogs. If you’re well in your website panel then you can give a try for this too. Do you really wanna to cheer up? Then lets get started,

Step 1: Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML.


Step 2: FInd </body> tag in your template and Paste the following code before/above </body>,

Click Here To Get Script

This script trys to find your first adsense ads on your blog. If the unit was found to be empty due to ad blocker tool then an alternative HTML message will be displayed in the blocker ad space. So replace “Your custom HTML msg” with your own custom message and paste the following script too,

<a href=”Enter site link here” > <img src=”Enter image URL here” alt=”Image Description” width =”Enter width” height =”Enter hieght of image” /></a>

Step 3: Now replace the highlighted code with yours and save your template. That’s it!

In this way, you have successfully enabled the Anti AdBlock on Blogger Blogspot Blog..


These are simple steps to block the Anti AdBlock Script or pulgin. After using anti-AdBlock scripts or plugin on your Blogger or WordPress your revenue will surely increase.

Any Suggestion or question let me know by commenting.


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Re: Display Google Ads With Anti AdBlock Script For Blogger Blog And WordPress by lukaku: 9:59 am On December 20, 2017
It looks risky

Re: Display Google Ads With Anti AdBlock Script For Blogger Blog And WordPress by Naijcrackgist: 11:36 pm On December 23, 2017

I doubt that.. But there’s no harm in trying it out.


Re: Display Google Ads With Anti AdBlock Script For Blogger Blog And WordPress by Naijcrackgist: 11:37 pm On December 23, 2017
It is working for many people.. Thats what am actively using on my blog


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