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Getting Set For Marriage

Getting Set For Marriage by : 5:24 pm On December 22, 2016


Every time young and unmarried people ask “How would you know she is the one?” Listen to a gteat counsellor G.S as he gives a great insight

” I just journey back again into a 7 year courtship (no I don’t mean 7 months). We got together just as I was exiting a very rough self inflicted illusion of love and this was the person who, by herself, brought me out of the mud and wiped me clean.

“I don’t know how you feel but I can imagine it. If you want, I will be here and help you back up”

…..and she did. With her, I learnt that when you are able to trust a woman enough to keep money you don’t want to spend with her then you have found a wife.

Her presence in my life became a default and decisions became sort of incomplete without her.

You are still thinking about 7 years right? Oh yeah, that was her waiting for me to get life together and when I asked to break up so that she could move on instead of waiting, she said “If you know you are no longer interested, let me know but if it is because of waiting, it is my life, let me decide when I am tired of waiting”. Haba , abi I dey craze ni to not know that I had reached bus stop?

Small thing, my mum would be calling her to report me, E dey happen to you too abi? bros you go soon marry (let’s kobet it)

You’d think, spending that much time together, there’d be boring times. Nope, everyday was a new adventure and the talk never dried out. All of these in addition to character, humility and compatibility just confirmed everything.”

Not every story will be like this but you have an idea of what the above signs can mean. When you find a woman you never seem to get tired of talking to, who, no matter how much she annoys you would still leave you wanting to talk and play with her, who you trust enough with your money and secrets, who respects you and your family, generally makes you happy and matches your health, character and other compatibility checks then you know you have found her.

Get it right today.

Good evening

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