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Guidelines for Driving Legit Traffic to Your AdSense Sites

Guidelines for Driving Legit Traffic to Your AdSense Sites by : 1:36 pm On November 13, 2017

Quality Traffic for AdSense

Google AdSense Traffic

The revenue generated from any advertising program is directly proportionate to quality traffic it receives. The assumption is that best content will best attract inbound links and users. This rule applies for the sites displaying AdSense ads and publishers should be careful in promoting their sites in order to keep the account status in good standing. Google records every violation in AdSense account and use it as a reference for any disciplinary action to disable ads or ban account. Most of the webmasters do not go through AdSense policies and terms completely and fall in trap by driving unnatural traffic to their AdSense sites. This article helps to understand the basic ways an AdSense publisher can control the traffic and ensure the quality.

What You Shouldn’t Do?

First we will see what an AdSense publisher should not do to increase traffic and search engine ranking.

Using Traffic Exchanges

Using free or paid traffic exchanges are to be avoided for bringing traffic to your AdSense site. Though there may not be any clicks this will considerably inflate the page views thus increasing the ad impression and adversely affect the advertisers using CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) ads.

Moreover traffic exchanges will definitely not bring unique and quality visitors to your site. Do remember how you use traffic exchanges and Google search. You will never even look into the sites content when you use traffic exchange programs since your ultimate aim is to get credits so that you can exchange the credits for free hit to your sites. At the same time when you use Google search and click on a site, you will for sure look for the content at once to understand it can be of help to your search. Most of the time you will get involved in the site’s content forgetting your search.

Avoid all kind of traffic exchanges including PTC (paid to click), PTF (paid to surf), GPT (get paid to) and auto surfing sites. Since all these programs offer one or other kind of incentives to click on the links it is completely prohibited by Google.

Email Traffic

Google does not allow placing AdSense ad codes in an email. Sending HTML email with ad codes within it will result in banning of your account.

Traffic from Spamming

Webmasters think that spamming is the easiest way of driving traffic which includes:

  • Email spamming
  • Fake forum postings and profiles with links
  • Invalid comment entries
  • Social network spamming

Any spamming will affect the search engine ranking of the site. Clicks and impressions are directly linked to the traffic which in turn related to search engine ranking. Hence any efforts to increase the traffic artificially will lead to banning your AdSense account.

Paid Traffic

Like AdWords there are many paid advertising partners bring quality traffic to sites. Google does not guarantee or recommend traffic from any third party service providers. Be aware of scam services; thoroughly check the service provider, their reputation, user reviews and their activities on your site.

Other Ways to Avoid

  • Using popular words in the domain name automatically leads to more traffic. For example, will be on top of the search results for any queries related to AdSense examples. This is violation of Google’s trademark policy and in normal cases ad serving will be disabled to that particular site. Hence avoid using trademarks in site’s URL.
  • Avoid buying links from SEO companies which will normally generate unnatural links from irrelevant sites. Duplication of same content in multiple pages and copy from other sites will result in manual spamming action on your site.
  • Though social media traffic is acceptable by AdSense, it is difficult to gauge the adverse impact on your account. Recommending articles to your own friends circle is no more different than using traffic exchanges and hence use social media only to certain extent.

What You Should Do?

Build your content complying AdSense policies and use acceptable tools to analyze the traffic. Follow SEO techniques to improve your search engine visibility and target only organic traffic from search engines for your AdSense sites.

Google Webmaster Tools

The first step in monitoring traffic is to register your site in Google webmaster tools. You need to add a verification code to ensure your ownership of the site to avail many free features offered by Google. Publishers can monitor the following things to improve traffic:

  • Check crawl errors and access related issues to ensure googlebot can access your page’s content.
  • Submitting changed content and Sitemap to inform crawler about your pages.
  • Check the duplication and short description of meta description of each page on your site.

Linking AdSense and Google Analytics

Google analytics is the tool for webmasters to analyze each and every action of the visitors when they are on the webpage. This helps the publishers to monitor which keywords and pages are receiving more traffic along with country-wise details. If you notice unnatural traffic to particular page then stop serving ads on that page till you complete your analysis.

Monitor traffic sources in analytics account and ensure to keep it in an acceptable ratio.

Authorizing Your Sites

It is the best way to protect your site from unauthorized use of your publisher ID. Authorize sites you own or display ads and Google ensures that your revenue will only be generated from the authorized sites. Clicks or impressions generated from unauthorized sites will not generate any revenue.

AdSense Site Authorization

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