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How to Create an Online eCommerce Store on a Blogger Blog and Start Making Profit From It

How to Create an Online eCommerce Store on a Blogger Blog and Start Making Profit From It by : 10:35 am On November 11, 2017

Most blogs and websites these days seem to be hosted on the popular WordPress platform. There’s a fair chance that if you glance over any marketing blog for example, a quick search will reveal that indeed, WordPress is their platform of choice. You can also use WordPress for your business and we can show you how to add a store to your blogger site.

Many other bloggers however, still hold dear to Google’s Blogger service as their preferred blogging resource and it’s easy to see why. The user interface is simple, it’s been around for a long time and people trust that ease of use, not wishing to trade it in for the bells and whistles of WordPress.
But what if you’re looking to sell your own products from your Blogger blog? With so many of the options around catering to a largely WordPress based community, how can bloggers using the Blogger platform, sell and still make a profit?

eCommerce = Simplicity of Blogger

Selling your own products doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you run a Blogger website. By keeping things simple and streamlined you can sell a whole range of products with relative ease.
Before I delve into how you can do that, let’s look at some of the products you could create and sell. These might include:

  • Digital Products like eBooks, instructional video tutorials, music, webinars, Photoshop brushes, software, Themes and Many More etc
  • Physical Products like clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes, etc
  • Services such as coaching, web design, etc
  • If you are Still Having Issues finding what to sell on your Ecommerce Store you are about to build you can meet me on Facebook Here as I have so many Ebook products and Services i can sell to you at a low price or rather in Bulk such Products are Ebooks on How to Create a VCC, Adsense Application Trick Ebook 2017, Different Type of Ponzi Scripts, 200k Active Nigeria Phone Numbers, 2million Active Nigeria Phone Numbers, 24million Emails, Adsense From any Country, Xenforo Forum Scripts, Branding Secrets Ebook, Nairaland Forum scripts, WhiteHat Seo, Bulk Sms Scripts and Many More

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one product type. Selling a service you can perform at a premium is a great way to both generate income and monetize your blog. In the same way, selling small physical goods that you’ve made can help you tap into a more niche market that will appreciate your work.
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Do you want to build an online shopping store on your Blogger blog to give a boost to your online business? Learning how to build an online store can be a bit tricky job all together. However, with some eCommerce plugins we can neatly convert our blog into a fully flourishing eCommerce site. Recently, one of our users asked us that How to create a online eCommerce store in Blogger Blog. Though, there are numberless eCommerce blogger templates available on the internet, but how to convert our simple blog into a fully functional eCommerce site? Today, in this article, we will show you how to create a online eCommerce store in Blogger blog.

You can sell almost anything on your Blogger site, but the product you are selling must be related to your blog. If you write about technology on your blog, then you can sell any kind of tech gadgets on your blog. If you have written an e-book, then you can make that e-book available though your eCommerce enabled blog. Blogger can also sell T-shirts, jewelry, skin products and almost anything that is legal to sell.

You can check the demo of Blogger eCommerce Store here

How to Create a Online eCommerce Store in Blogger:

To add an online store in Blogger, we will be using a plugin called ECWID. It is a FREE eCommerce Shopping cart and store solution that helps you to convert your existing blog into a fully functional eCommerce store.

Firstly, you need to register a account at If you have a PayPal, Facebook or Google account then you can opt for these services to register quickly.

Step#1: Adding a Product

After registering an account, you will be able to access Ecwid Control Panel or Product dashboard from where you can create your first product. Select “Add a Product” button from the top menu and proceed to the next step.
Add product names, prices and pictures. You can use “More powerful options” to add more details to your product like category, description, color and etc (Adding more details to our products will be handy because we will later upload our product catalog to our blog). After adding your product, press “Save“.
You will not see a message that your product is added successfully, simply click on  “Proceed to next step” button.

Demo catalog helps you to expore and understand the functionality of the site. It will ask you to delete the demo catalog, press “Delete” to remove all demo products that were pre-added to your store.


Step#2: Creating a Store:

After deleting the demo catalog, it is time to publish your product on your Blogger site. Simply select “Create Store” from the top menu as shown in the image below:

Select “Yes, I have a website” button and proceed to the next step.

Now you need to choose the platform which you used to built your site, since we are using Blogger and it is not listed in the available platforms. We will select “Other Platform“.
Ecwid provides four different eCommerce widgets that can be added to your Blogger store – Product Browser, Categories, Mini Cart and Search Box. We have defined each category briefly below;
  1. Product Manager: It displays the complete range of the products that you have added in product catalog and this widget is extremely essential to get your store up and running while other widgets are just optional to have.
  2. Categories: This widget will display a complete list of categories of your store.
  3. Mini Cart: It will add a mini shopping cart to your site. Adding it in menu will assist users in checkouts.
  4. Search Box: It will help users in searching different products on your store.
Now you will be able to see embed codes of four different widgets that are listed above. Copy any of these codes and Paste the code on the page where you want the widget to appear. Save and refresh the page.

To Add product browser in blogger, copy the Product Browser embed code and go to >> Add a New Page. Now change to HTML mode and paste the code which you copied earlier. Name the page as “My Store” and press the Publish button.

That’s it, now you can add more products to your store. Any product added to the product catalog would appear automatically in the product browser in your blog.

Step #3: Setup Payment Method:

Ecwid also supports popular payment platforms like PayPal,Authorize.Net and Stripe. You can select the most suitable way of collecting payments from your customers which includes checks, cash, credi card payments.
Select “Get Paid” from the top menu.
If you want to use PayPal to collect payments from your customers in blogger then select “Get Paid with PayPal”  and enter your valid PayPal email Address. Similarly, You can also use Stripe, if you have a stripe account.
You can now setup shipping methods by selecting “Configure Shipping” from the top menu. If you sell digital goods then you can simply disable shipping for products. If you sell physical products, then you can simply follow the instructions to setup the shipping methods.
We hope this tutorial have helped you in learning how to create a online eCommerce Store in Blogger blog. If you like this article, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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Re: How to Create an Online eCommerce Store on a Blogger Blog and Start Making Profit From It by Princeooyes: 11:28 pm On November 24, 2017
Confessingly, Henry is not a lazy bone.

Well, am not all that surprise since hard working is one of the basic feature of a successful blogger.
Boss, you are really doing a great work here.
Keep it up brother , the sky is your starting point


Re: How to Create an Online eCommerce Store on a Blogger Blog and Start Making Profit From It by TalkTalkTwins: 5:31 am On January 26, 2018
Thanks a lot. I’ve done mine. You can view it >>

Re: How to Create an Online eCommerce Store on a Blogger Blog and Start Making Profit From It by TalkTalkTwins: 7:48 am On January 26, 2018

Re: How to Create an Online eCommerce Store on a Blogger Blog and Start Making Profit From It by tjhenry: 1:01 pm On January 26, 2018

Thanks a lot. I’ve done mine. You can view it >>

wow…. selling ebooks??



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