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How to Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog By Mentioning Names

How to Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog By Mentioning Names by : 4:20 pm On November 22, 2017

This is a cool trick to get a few extra hits to your blog and website, both from your facebook friends and those who aren’t.

Facebook have millions of users. Just imagine getting some hundreds or thousands of these users to your blog or website absolutely free. Wouldn’t that be great? That’s what this post is about.

When you mention a person’s name on facebook, he/she gets a notification that his/her name was mentioned in a post. The person may then out of curiousity click on the notification to see why his/her name was mentioned.

When this is done, the person will of course see your post and if you are promoting your blog with a little description in that post, the person may proceed to the blog if the description interests him. And if your contents are very resourceful to the person, then you just got a suscriber, who’ll visit once in a while or even everyday.

 How It Works

Now one person is very valuable, but obviously not enough. We need high in-flow. We need impressive traffic and popularity. As par the title, we’ll be mentioning names of people on facebook, whether friends or not. Although you can easily tag friends. And we need lots of names. The best places to get names are friends’ friendlists, facebook groups and pages.

However groups are more efficient because you as a member not only see the numbers of members of the joined groups but also their names. And we are of course looking for names. A reasonable group can provide you with over 1000 facebook names which you can mention in your post. So a group can be enough, especially for starters. It’s advisable to use a group that is related to your blog’s niche / offers. So that people whose names are mentioned don’t see your post and ignore it. But when its related, well it will be easy to get them.

So imagine you get to mention about 100 to 1000 persons depending on your ability, time and effort put in place to get their names, you will get much insights of your post and thus could get 100 to 1000 new visitors to your blog.

How To Mention Names

To mention someone’s name using PC, simply add “@” before username like “@Martins” and it will turn into a profile link. However extra work is neccessary if you intend to mention names using your phone.

To mention a person name using your mobile phone, Click on the profile of the person, whom you want to mention and view his/her profile picture. You will see the person’s profile id in the address bar of the profile picture. The picture address is like this-;=1234567890&refid;=0.

From the url, the green numbers after “&id” is the person’s profile id. Simply copy that number and use it to replace the number in the below code and paste it in your facebook post to mention the person’s name- @[1234567890:]. Don’t forget to put the bracket after @ and also : at the end of the profile id number.

It’s advisable to keep a copy of the coded names on your notepad or word document to easily mention these names in other future facebook posts. You can also add more new names later on. The more people you mention on facebook, the more exposures you give to your blog.

Now it’s a bit stressful and time consuming, but it’s definitely gonna be fruitful. And this is cool because you can do it even if you don’t have any friend or just a few friends on facebook. So stop adding those strange faces, stop wasting time promote-commenting on posts of popular pages and creating and adding people to your own page or group just because you want to post to them, because na only few go see am.

You can also use this method to sell stuffs on facebook and promote your website, ebooks, video clips, files, events, etc.


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Re: How to Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog By Mentioning Names by chylin: 12:21 pm On November 30, 2017

Re: How to Drive Facebook Traffic To Your Blog By Mentioning Names by chylin: 12:21 pm On November 30, 2017
good sha


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