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Stylish Way To Automatically Load Wapka Forum Posts To Homepage

Stylish Way To Automatically Load Wapka Forum Posts To Homepage by : 5:56 pm On November 2, 2017

Ex-loader is one of the best feature in wapka site.
we use ex-loader for forum update because it provide us to mirror all forum posted threads to show on site with thread status(views,comments….).all you know when new thing add at top also need to update ex-loader i will show you how to use ex-loader features without using ex-loader.

In this we doesn’t use ex-loader at all.

*- you can show your forum threads with status.
*- you can use paging without replacement method
*- it is stable
*- easy to use

For making this system alive you site must have a jquery plugin.if your site doesn’t have add this on head tag

<script src=""></script>

Step 1: Selecting a part
What i mean isn’t source code forum like ex-loader. What i mean is select a part to load on Themes In Forum find ::THEMES:: it holds and (list) threads. So we need to load this part only to site.
Go to TIF(Themes in forum) warp/cover it with or rather remove ::THEMES:: and replace it with below code

<div class="themes">::THEMES::</div>

* it used to identify the part

step 2: Add loader
to load threads to site we need to use ajax jquery load.
*- div tag with ‘id=update’ use to show threads
*- it loads data from ‘/forum2_0.xhtml’ class ‘themes’
*- paging is manualy selected for 10 pages,if you want to increase or decrease pages change ‘m=10’ to ‘m=pages you want’

<div id="update">
Loading Recent threads...
<div class="paging" id="paging" style="color: grey">
:paging:n=:get-list(1):,u=site_:getid-site:.xhtml?get-list=%n%:admin-hash-amp:,m=10:: %prev% · %n% · %n% · %n% · %n% · %n% . . . %nlast% · %next% :/paging:


<script type="text/javascript"> n=':get-list(1):'-1; $('#update').load('/forum2_0.xhtml?n='+n+':admin-hash-amp: .themes',function(data){$(this).find('.themes').css({"width":"90%","margin":"auto"}); }); </script>

i am done.


if you face any problem drop your comment and we shall solve it for you.

i wish you success.


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Re: Stylish Way To Automatically Load Wapka Forum Posts To Homepage by MasterKhoded: 1:44 pm On November 3, 2017
if you need wapka tutorial pm me mbok stop this thing you are doing




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