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What Is Web Hosting Bandwidth?

What Is Web Hosting Bandwidth? by : 4:08 pm On November 22, 2017

In computing and I.T, bandwidth can easily be referred to the amount of data that can be transferred or supported by a network connection or interface. For example, for GSM networks, that of 4G may support more bandwidth than that of 3G in terms of internet speed and downloading.


But when it comes to web hosting, bandwidth can be defined as the number of bits that can be transferred between your site and a user usually within a given period of time (usually one month). Bandwidth measures the amount of data passed between your website and its visitors. That’s why it can be interchanged with the term “data transfer”. Web hosting bandwidths are usually measured or depicted in either Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB).

For example, if the average page size of your website is 200kb, then every pageview will consume 200kb from your available bandwidth quota. So imagine if you get an average of 1000 views on a daily basis, then 200,000kb (200MB) of your bandwidth will be consumed daily and 6GB monthly. But take note that here we haven’t even considered the downloadable files that could be on your website like videos, audios, images, etc. Or imagine if you even offer live streaming on your website just like YouTube. If peradventure, there is a 100MB video file on your website for your users to either download or stream online, just 10 views or downloads will cost you 1000MB (1GB) of your bandwidth. This also means your bandwidth consumption depends on your type of website, the traffic and pageviews it generates.

A web hosting Bandwidth is like a bucket with a given amount of space. The bucket allows intake of water until all of its space is filled up. Anymore beyond its capacity will result in an over spill. In this case, your web hosting provider will temporarily shut down or suspend your website when your website exceeds its allocated bandwidth size. That means your site content won’t be accessible to your visitors until the following month where it is reset or, you opt to buy an additional bandwidth or upgrade to a hosting plan with more bandwidth space allocation.

It’s like when you purchase a monthly data plan on your SIM, 3GB for example. Once you have used up the allocated 3GB data given to you, your SIM stops browsing. To continue browsing, you may have to buy extra data maybe the 30mb daily plan or weekly plan, or you just resubscribe another 3GB or higher plan. Also note that light browsing won’t consume as much data as when you start doing heavy downloads which would suck the hell outta your subscription. That’s just how it works with web hosting bandwidths.

So in a nutshell, we have seen that web hosting bandwidth is the maximum amount of data, in MB or GB, that you can transfer from your website (or web hosting server) to your website visitors web browsers. It is related to your blog traffic or pageviews as these are practically what consumes your allocated bandwidth space. Thus bandwidth can easily be defined as a the amount of traffic that can be accommodated by a hosting plan, which once exceeded, causes your website to be temporarily suspended till the renewal the next month or when you upgrade your hosting plan. So you see that you gotta put bandwidth usage into consideration when buying a web hosting plan.


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